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Products and Capabilities

From Prototype to Production CGI enables design excellence across a wide range of industrial applications. We thrive on customer driven innovation. We are your design and manufacturing partner helping to differentiate your product or innovation.

2010 Catalog

CGI designs and builds high quality gearheads for AC induction motors, permanent magnet DC motors, stepmotors and servomotors. CGI can supply a complete motion control package, consisting of encoders, gearmotors, motion controllers, etc., to meet your application’s requirements. From the simple to the complex, CGI can supply off-the-shelf products or provide a custom-fit solution.

New Products Catalog

Our new Predator and Raptor planetary gearheads utilize a revolutionary optimized gear design, providing world-class performance and torque density, combined with the most popular housing and mounting features. In addition, our well-known Victory planetary gearhead offers an economical, compact and efficient design, while continuing to utilize advanced materials and provide high torque density.