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Excerpt from KOLO8 News Now

Sheila McCoy has held a machinist position at CGI Inc. in Carson City for 34 years; she now works as a manager.

“I take pride in treating people on an individual basis. Everyone is not the same, so what would make one have a better relationship with that person,” said Sheila.

She motivates people who run machines worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just one mistake can cost the company thousands of dollars, but mistakes with her crew are extremely rare because she is very detail-oriented and this makes her a great asset to the company where she works.

She runs her own machine. She has made thousands and thousands of parts in her career. One was used on one of NASA’s shuttles.

“I’m like, I did that? It’s going in something that helps somebody or benefits them in some kind of way, so that really makes me feel good,” Sheila said.

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