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May 29, 2020

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CGI Inc., a leading manufacturer of custom precision gearboxes and mechanical IP69K CGI Raptor Gearboxsubassemblies, now sells a new line of IP69K-rated precision planetary gearheads. These Raptor-SS series gearheads are washdown ready and built with advanced heat-treated materials — with stainless-steel construction or a white epoxy coating.

Raptor-SS gearheads are compact (with lengths from 3.39 to 7.63 in.) and have a captive input pinion; high-torque gear geometry; and exceptional stiffness and loading characteristics. They can mount in any direction and accept input speeds to 6,500 rpm. Service life exceeds 15,000 hours.

The IP69K-rated gearheads come in:

  • One, two, or three-stage configurations (with backlash of 4, 6, and 8 arc-min. respectively) to deliver speed-reduction ratios of 4:1 to 700:1 — with other ratios possible from the three-stage version
    • Standard NEMA and metric configurations — and with other features for quick installation
    • Versions with food-grade grease for food-related applications

Efficiencies are better than 95% for single-stage gearheads, 90% for two-stage gearheads, and 85% for three-stage gearheads in the Raptor-SS series. Operating range is -40° to +250° F.

Raptor-SS gearheads in 023RTX (NEMA) and 060RTX (metric) sizes deliver nominal torques of 17 to 45 Nm; maximum acceleration torques of 22 to 53 Nm; and peak emergency-stop torques of 81 to 107 Nm. Torsional stiffness is 15 arc-min.

Raptor-SS gearheads in 034RTX (NEMA) and 090RTX (metric) sizes deliver nominal torques of 63 to 164 Nm; maximum acceleration torques of 80 to 207 Nm; and peak emergency-stop torques of 277 to 392 Nm. Torsional stiffness is 70 arc-min.

CGI Raptor IPK69P GearboxesBesides stock products, CGI Inc. also supplies customized gear solutions. The manufacturer’s in-house capabilities include:

  • Engineering and design support from initial design and prototyping to full-scale production — collaborating with OEMs to design manufacturable components that meet or exceed design parameters
    • Design and assembly of complete gearboxes with grinding, turning, milling, Swiss-type, and diverse machining capabilities to customize various geared designs
    • Heat treating, laser welding, and electrical discharge machining (EDM)
    • Execution of testing and validation to help customers get industry approvals; support of inventory management and KANBAN integration to streamline supply-chain management

For more information about these capabilities and the new Raptor-SS series of gearheads, visit

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