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Booth #134638. CGI’s custom gearbox is used to drive the spindle onboard JPL’s latest coring drill test unit for the Mars 2020 mission.

CGI, Inc. was founded in Southern California as “California Gear and Instrument” in 1967 by Don Snow.  As a fledgling gear design and manufacturing company, CGI soon developed a reputation for quality products and innovative solutions, particularly in the medical and aerospace industries.  Garnering customers such as Jet Propulsion Labs and Hall Surgical, CGI continued to grow and in 1990, Don Snow decided to move the business to Carson City, Nevada.  Upon this move, the California Gear and Instrument name formally evolved into “CGI, Inc.”.  Shortly thereafter, CGI became a pioneer in providing standard industrial gearbox solutions along with the established OEM component products that CGI had provided for decades.  In the late 1990s, CGI expanded its facility and in 2006, Mike Madison and Brian Coclich purchased the company from Don Snow.  Despite the challenges of the recession, Mike and Brian have taken the company to new heights making CGI a strategic partner for customers along a broad spectrum of industries.

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