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Planetary Gearhead Installation Instructions Vertical Mounting Addendum

Note: This procedure is only required for Prime™, Paragon™, & Victory™ planetary gearheads. Spur gearheads do not require this procedure. If the inline planetary gearhead is to be oriented with the output shaft pointing up as shown in Fig. 1. or the right angle gearhead is to be oriented with the motor shaft up as shown in Fig. 2., please follow these instructions.

CGI, Inc. should have supplied a grease packet if the part number specified “V” at the time the order was placed. If the grease packet was not included with the gearhead for any reason, call CGI, Inc. Sales or Engineering Dept. to request a grease packet for vertical orientation- this can be critical to the life of the gearhead.

  • Before mounting the motor to the gearhead (or removing the motor from gearhead), orient the gearhead with the motor adapter bracket (rear bracket) facing upwards.
  • Cut off the end of the grease packet and squeeze the grease into the empty rear bracket (the bracket that the motor mounts to).
  • WARNING! Only fill the empty rear bracket half full of grease. Filling the rear bracket completely full will create a hydrostatic pressure during operation and the grease may be forced into the motor or out through the front sealed bearings of the gearhead.
  • Mount the pinion and clamp to the motor per the “Planetary Gearhead Installation Instructions” (included in the gearhead shipping package). Apply a thin film of Loc-Tite #515 “Gasket Eliminator” or equivalent to the mounting surface of the motor. This will keep the oil component of the grease from slowly “weeping” from the gearhead to motor junction.
  • Mount the motor with the pinion and clamp installed properly per the instructions. Note: There will only be a small amount of empty space in the rear bracket cavity when the pinion and clamp are inserted into their proper location in the rear bracket.

The gear/motor assembly is now ready to be installed into the application.