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Planetary Gearhead Installation Instructions for Prime™ Inline, Primetric™ Inline and Prime™ Right Angle

NOTE: If the gearhead is to operate with its output shaft pointing upward, call CGI, Inc.’s sales or engineering department for extra grease packets and instructions.
  • Prime™ or Primetric™ planetary gearhead.
  • Pinion gear with balanced clamp collar.
  • Four (4) allen head cap screws for mounting the motor to the gearhead.
  • Woodruff key.
  • Allen wrench(es).
  • This instruction sheet.

NOTE: bulk packaging available, call CGI for details.

  • Slide the clamp collar fully onto the pinion gear (fig 1).
  • Gently tighten the two (2) screws on the clamp to remove any loose clearance – keep the distance of the gap at each end approximately equal.
  • Slide the pinion gear with the clamp onto the motor shaft (fig 2).
  • Insert the proper thickness feeler gauge (see: Table A, Pinion Gear Positioning, on back) between the pinion gear and motor pilot (fig 3). Note: feeler gauge not supplied.
  • Tighten the two (2) clamp screws evenly and firmly; then remove feeler gauge.
  • IMPORTANT: Tighten the two (2) screws on the clamp to the proper torque (see: Table A, Clamp Screw Torques).
  • Position the motor/pinion assembly vertically on a bench with the pinion gear upwards. NOTE: if the gearhead requires sealing to the motor face, apply a thin film of Loctite 515 “Gasket Eliminator” or equivalent to the entire mounting surface of the motor to achieve a positive seal.
  • Lift and vertically orient the gearhead over the motor. Carefully and slowly lower the gearhead onto the pinion gear. Proper alignment will be necessary.
  • When the gearhead makes contact with the pinion gear, rotate the gearhead to allow the teeth to align themselves. The unit will find its alignment – then lower the gearhead fully into position.
  • Lay the assembly horizontal on a flat surface and install the motor mounting screws – tighten with allen wrench (fig 4).
(Fig 4) Completed Assembly Prime™ Planetary Gearhead with Motor


Pinion Gear Positioning and Clamp Screw Torques for Standard Nema Gearheads

SIZE 17 #4-40 10 LB. IN. .047
SIZE 23 #8-32 28 LB. IN. .047
SIZE 34 #10-32 45 LB. IN. .094
SIZE 42 1/4-28 110 LB. IN. .094
SIZE 56 1/4-28 110 LB. IN. .094
SIZE 75 1/4-28 110 LB. IN. .094

Additional Clamp Screw Torques

#6-32 15 LB. IN.
3/8-24 436 LB. IN.

Customers will need a torque wrench with the proper Allen tip