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Planetary Gearhead Installation Instructions for Victory™ Planetary Inline

NOTE: If the gearhead is to operate with its output shaft pointing upward, call CGI, Inc.’s sales or engineering department for extra grease packets and instructions.



  1. Victory™ planetary gearhead.
  2. Pinion gear with balanced clamp collar (adapter sleeve if required).
  3. Four (4) allen head cap screws for mounting the motor to the gearhead.
  4. Woodruff key.
  5. Allen wrench(es).
  6. This instruction sheet.

Note: bulk packaging available, call CGI for details.


  1. Insert sleeve into pinion gear bore as required and slide the clamp collar fully onto the pinion gear (fig 1). (Align all slots parallel to each other).
  2. Gently tighten the two (2) screws on the clamp to remove any loose clearance – keep the distance of the gap at each end approximately equal.
  3. Slide the pinion gear with the clamp onto the motor shaft (fig 2).
  4. Insert the proper thickness feeler gauge (see: Table A, Pinion Gear Positioning) between the pinion gear and motor pilot (fig 3). Note: feeler gauge not supplied.
  5. Tighten the two (2) clamp screws evenly and firmly; then remove feeler gauge.
  6. IMPORTANT: Tighten the two (2) screws on the clamp to the proper torque (see: Table A, Clamp Screw Torques).
  7. Position the motor/pinion assembly vertically on a bench with the pinion gear upwards. NOTE: If the gearhead requires sealing to the motor face, apply a thin film of Loctite 515 “Gasket Eliminator” or equivalent to the entire mounting surface of the motor to achieve a positive seal.
  8. Lift and vertically orient the gearhead over the motor. Carefully and slowly lower the gearhead onto the pinion gear. Proper alignment will be necessary.
  9. When the gearhead makes contact with the pinion gear, rotate the gearhead to allow the teeth to align themselves. The unit will find its alignment – then lower the gearhead fully into position.
  10. Lay the assembly horizontal on a flat surface and install the motor mounting screws – tighten with allen wrench (fig 4).


victory-004(Fig 4)
Completed Assembly
Victory™ Planetary Gearhead with Motor


Pinion Gear Positioning and Clamp Screw Torques for Standard Nema Gearheads

SIZE 17 #6-32 15 LB. IN. .047
SIZE 23 #8-32 28 LB. IN. .047
SIZE 34 1/4-28 110 LB. IN. .094

Customers will need a torque wrench with the proper Allen tip


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