CGI Raptor SS precision planetary gearhead is washdown-ready

Posted by Shannon Weiss on May 10, 2017 in Engineering Capabilities, News
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The new Raptor SS precision planetary gearhead from CGI Inc. offers stainless-steel construction and IP65-rated sealing for a washdown-ready design that is suitable in food and beverage and other sanitary applications.
The planetary gearhead also has high stiffness to withstand high loading — as well as gear geometry to transmit high torque. Components are made of advanced materials that get specialty heat treatment for durability.

There are also versions of the planetary gearhead that come with a white epoxy coating and optional food-grade grease for food-related applications.

The Raptor SS has features that simplify installation; it can mount in any direction and has a captive input pinion. NEMA and metric configurations are standard.

Maximum input speed for the planetary gearhead is 6,500 rpm. Service life exceeds 15,000 hours. Maximum backlash (arc-min) is 4 (for the one-stage design), 6 (for the two-stage design), and 8 (for the three-stage design). In addition:
• Efficiency for the one-stage design is better than 95%
• Efficiency for the two-stage design is better than 90%
• Efficiency for the three-stage design is better than 85%

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Since 1967, CGI has consistently been providing exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. This unwavering commitment is what makes CGI the reliable choice for precision components and sub-assemblies. Our capabilities in precision manufacturing feature a careful blend of cutting edge technology and renowned reliability. We can provide our customers with an engineering team that is talented, knowledgeable and eager to help. We can work with your concept from the prototype stage all the way through to full production. Our manufacturing facility is broad in its capabilities and features high end machinery aimed at providing excellent quality and rapid turnaround. Because of the technology we have available, we’re able to work you in product development from blueprint to prototype to full cycle production.

Northern Nevada Development Authority Announces Their Pioneer Awards 2017 Winners

Posted by Shannon Weiss on April 20, 2017 in Engineering Capabilities, News
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Carson City, Nevada – Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA) announced the winners of the Pioneer Awards 2017 and CGI is pleased to have won the Silver Forge Award for Manufacturer of the Year.

Silver Forge Award for Manufacturer of the Year: CGI, Inc. – CGI, Inc. Is involved in several High-Tech projects, for example CGI is currently involved with the design, Manufacture and support of products used in Commercial Space Missions. And is helping to develop and design equipment for the New 2020 Mars Rover.


NNDA Executive Director, Robert “Rob” Hooper, said, “The NNDA Pioneer Awards highlight the strength and innovation of the Sierra Region economic ecosystem, which includes education and workforce development. Since economic development is about both the present and the future, I am delighted that the Sierra Region school districts elected to recognize our area’s youth through the Silver State Awards.” He continued, “Economic development is not about what is in it for me. It is also about future generations. ”

Some other Pioneer Awards will be presented to:

Battleborn Award for Leadership in Sustainability: Bently Enterprises (Minden, NV) – Sustainability is the cornerstone of all Bently business practices which consistently incorporate the conservation of resources and protection of the environment

Boundary Peak Award for Nonprofit of the Year: Nevada Rural Community Partners (Carson City, NV) – NRCP provides disadvantaged local youth with opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, e.g., school sports or clubs, cheerleading, band, gymnastics, dance, science camps, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, etc.

Kit Carson Award for Most Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year: QuantumMark®, LLC (Reno, NV) – This women-owned project management firm has become a recognized national leader in vital records transformation for its work guiding eleven states, including Nevada, through the modernization of their state systems.

Silver Apple Award for Best Education Initiative: Lyon County School District – Silver Stage High School collaborated with Western Nevada College, through its Jump Start College, to launch an onsite manufacturing training hub. It provides technical education for rural high school students who are receiving the necessary training to enter a job-ready workforce.

About NNDA: Northern Nevada Development Authority is the recognized Economic Development Authority for the Sierra Region of Nevada which is comprised of Carson City, Douglas County, Lyon County and the Comstock District. The agency is a non-profit organization funded by the State, the counties and cities within the region and through donations from Investor Partners comprised of businesses in the communities NNDA serves. Since 2010, NNDA has had an economic impact of over $1.7 billion in the Sierra Region and assisted 67 companies with their relocation to Northern Nevada.

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